Name: Gustav Klaus Wolfgang Schäfer
Birthday: 08.09.1988
Place of birth: Magdeburg (Germany)
Sister/Brother: 1 sister (older)
Tattoos: Arm, back
Position in the band: Drummer

Why do you play the drums?
Euhm...good question. I think it makes the most fun to play to drumms for me and I'm not interessted in singing or so. The drums stand in the backroung and seems reserved for me. Maybe it has something mysterious, when I don't stand in the spotlights.

Do you have a nickname in the band?
Juschtel.. becaue when I'm at home is everyone calling me Juschtelchen. I'm the youngest in my family.

Which person would you like to meet?
Lars Ulrich, because he is my drummergod.

Are you fan of something?
Yes. Bands like "Korn", "Metallica", "System Of A Down", "Creed" and "Foo Fighters" are my favorites, from which I can say I'm a fan. But I listen to other bands, too.

What do you think about friendship?
Confidence is the most important thing! We should know us for a long time and shouldn't have a lot of secrets for each other.

What do you think spontanious about the topic to be succesfull?
hm..maybe we are popular?!

What do you think spontanious about the topic future?
More singles, albums and tours.

What is on the first position? Band or love?
At the moment the band, because I haven't got a girlfriend right now.

How important is the contact to the fans to you?
Really, because we get to know a lot of fans and it is funny how crazy the fans are.

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