Name: Georg Moritz Hagen Listing
Birthday: 31.03.1987
Place of birth: Halle (Germany)
Position in the band: Bass

Why do you play Bass?
Eigentlich wollte ich ja mit 2 Kumpels aus meiner Schule eine Kellerband aufmachen.. der eine Schlagzeug, der andere Gitarre und ich dann halt Bass. Aber die hatten dann irgendwann keinen Bock mehr. Aber ich wollte weiter machen und bin dran geblieben.

How would you discribe yourself in 3 words?
Ambitious, purposeful but lazy, too.

Which person would you like to meet?
Kelly Clarkson, because she's georgous (laugh)

Are you fan of something?
A fan..hmm good question..from bands? I really like the Sportfreunde Stiller and Oasis. AH and I'm a fan from driving a car. I have my driving license now!

What do you think about friendship?
Really important. Honesty. That we can talk a lot. It exist not much best friends.

What do you think spontanious about the topic to be succesfull?
To get succesfull is not easy. We must fight a lot for it and we had ever our dream in our eyes.

What do you think spontanious about the topic future?
Make a lot of music, play live Gigs and I hope that we can play in Tokio in the nearly future.

What is on the first position? Band or love?
At the moment the Band, but love is a nice thing, too (laugh)

How important is the contact to the fans to you?
Really important, because we were NOTHING without our fans!

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