Name: Tom Kaulitz
Birthday: 01.09.1989
Place of birth: Leipzig (Germany)
Brothers/Sisters: Bill (twinbrother)
Piercings: lip
Position in the band: Guitar

Guitar... why?
When I was 7 my stepfather gave me a guitar and I found that cool. And I was fascinated by other guitarists from other bands in the past.

How would you discribe yourself in 3 words?
Spontaneous, funny and laddish.

Which person would you like to meet?
The Olsen Twins... I'm agree with Bill.

Are you a fan of something?
I'm a fan of graffitis, I like to paint graffitis a lot. And I love to be on stage and to rock the public.

What do you think about friendship?
Well you find real friends once in a blue moon in your life. But to have friends is very important.

What do you think spontanious about the topic to be succesfull?
It's very georgous to be succesful. But succes is not everything in a life.

What do you think spontanious about the topic future?
Hopefully to make succesful music, making my high school diploma and to balance the band, my family and school.

What is on the first position? Band or love?
Band, because it depends on my future and it was the most important thing so far. And I never was so strongly fallin' in love that I would abandon the band.

How important is the contact to the fans to you?
Very important, because succesful music wouldn't work without fans. It wouldn't be fun and the music couldn't outlive.

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