À la Tèlé - Tokio Hotel answers the rumours!

The german band performs at Parc des Princess on the 21st June!
Interview Tokio Hotel answers the rumours

Vocalist without voice, cancelled concerts, media spins....nothing has been spared!


Magazine: Bill you had been left with problems in your vocal cords. Have you found all your capabilities?
I’m very well, thank you. The operation went very well, but the most difficult was the recuperation period. I had to spend 10 days without speaking, singing or laughing. I couldn’t even listen to music to be sure not to hum something. Then I spent three weeks calm, making reabilitation, then we went to the United States for the release of our English Album and to perform some concerts. I’m in good shape. We all are.

Magazine: Besides the concert at Parcs des Princess, which other concerts do you have scheduled?
We are going to tour a good part of July through Europe. Particularly in Italy, Spain, Scandinavia and in the East countries. We wont to came back to those countries before the summer, because many concerts were cancelled for the reason you all know. It’s most likely that we return after to the United States. And meanwhile we will record a album that will be released at the end of the year.

Magazine: What can we expect from the concert at Parc des Princess?
Oh, that. It will be a surprise! Meet us on 21st June, it will be a unique event. There’s still some tickets left, but I’m sure it will be sold out at the day of the concert.

Magazine: It’s said that in Germany the new groups emerge such as Nevada Tan. To the point that Universal may left you to sign for others....
That’s completely false, every group has its own way. Nevada Tan are going very well, but not to the point of replace us. Not only Universal support us, but it is also the record company that allow us to make it outside our country. Lately we haven’t been much in Germany, because we are very concentrated in Europe and The United States. But we can’t be everywhere at the same time...

Why is the group always on top?
Before the concert at Parc des Princess, Fun TV will broadcast a documentary about the quartet’s climbing. In France the “youth” media accounts to always support the group. Tokio Hotel isn’t a fire of straw nor a commercial operation, explains Nicolas Toutain from magazine One. Unknow two years ago, they will full the park. They talk less of them because their new album was released a year ago, but they are pro, they invested in writing songs, doing interviews, photoshootings, ... The end of hysterism it’s not for tomorrow. Even the chief editor of Star Ac’ Mag Ludovic Jéróme Gombauff says the same: “They are here to stay and they deserve it. They are real musicians.”
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