Kaulitz Twins In Band Tokio Hotel Are Making Girls Crazy

Los Angeles, CA (CNS) - Boys bands have often created hysteria among young girl fans, and the group Tokio Hotel is no exception. Now the Kaulitz twins, the 18-year-old members of the German glam pop quartet Tokio Hotel, are causing quite a commotion among the ladies.

In addition to the twins, the band is also made up of bassist Georg Listing, 20, and drummer Gustav Schafer, 19. So far the group has sold close to three million CDs and DVDs in their country, and are hoping to replicate their rabid fan base in the United States.

According to the Associated Press, the look of the Kaulitz twins is just as important as the sound of the band. Bill Kaulitz has adopted an anime look: straightened, teased black hair; heavy eye makeup that accentuates his delicate, androgynous, doll-like features; chain necklaces and vintage rock and roll T-shirts. Bill is so thin that his on-stage appearance becomes almost one dimensional, adding to the cartoon-like appeal. Bill claims that his look is not anime from Japan, but more vampire from Transylvania.

Bill said he dressed as a vampire for Halloween when he was ten-years-old, and after that adopted the style year-round.

"After that, I started to color my hair and polish my nails. I started to wear makeup and stuff. I'd never heard of (anime)," Bill told the Associated Press in an interview at the Avalon Hollywood before going to the group's sold-out show in Los Angeles.

Tom Kaulitz, the older brother by ten minutes, developed his hip-hop/dreads look when he was seven or eight, in part as a way to differentiate himself from his identical twin. "When we were six, we looked the same," Tom said. "We had sweat shirts with (the names) Bill and Tom so that teachers had a chance to know who's who."

Thousandyearswithouttime: There 's a mistake in the text: Georg is 21 years old!

Resource: allheadlinenews.com
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