Stars at the Comet Awards

Bill Kaulitz must be a happy person. He's as close to himself as thousands of teens would love to be. Being close to Bill Kaulitz really only means one thing to them: Pure luck. And only one single moment is needed to prove that all the torture was worth it. And that moment was given on Friday in Oberhausen before the handing out of the Comet Music Awards.

Hundreds of Kaulitz fans waited by the barriers. For the one man that embodies Tokio Hotel. Some for hours and some for days. "We're here since Wednesday," Kathrin und Lauren call out from the wall of waiting girls. The girls from Dortmund have made it. In front of them, on the other side of the fence, lies the red carpet. Behind them five rows are pushing forward. "I have blue marks everywhere.", Kathrin tells. They're not going to use the bathroom. "I've hardly slept. Because of excitement and coldness," Kathrin continues. They spent the night in sleeping bags in front of the hall before they got sent away to the tram stop. "It has to be that way.", they're convinced. Why? "Because that's how it goes."

The dams are breaking

Instead of black limousines rolling by, less glamorous ambulances drive down the drive through first. Strong men are carrying weak bodies. At last: All the dams break when the boys of Tokio Hotel step out of their car. Screams of pain. The pushing is now getting frightening. Amongst the screams of joy are also screams of pain. Bill and Tom Kaulitz and their band mates busy themselves by giving a few autographs.
Bill's silver scarf glitters in the sun, his hair he wears straight. Something to talk about for the fans for the next few weeks. The faces of the girls looking upon there idols? Twisted in pain. Bill Kaulitz must be really happy to be Bill Kaulitz. He's simply standing on the right side of the fence.

28.5.08 22:13

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Tokio Hotel were the winners of the evenig - they won 4 Cometen

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