Is Bill ruining his voice by smoking?

Not even 2 months have passed since his serious vocal cord-op, but Tokio Hotel singer Bill Kaulitz doesn't seem to have learned from the shock. Now he was seen with a cigarette. Is the singer ruining his voice?
The Magdeburger band won 4 prices at the Comet-award on friday and celebrated till early morning with drunking and smoking!
"Bild am Sonntag" asked Bill yesterday midday, if he would know that he might risk his music career by smoking.
Bill's answer: "The healing process of the vocal cords is totally completed. But I smoke very seldom all the same. I'm taking care of my voice all the time, but after the stress these last weeks, I just wanted to let go this special evening."
An attitude which doctors think is risky and irresponsible.
Prof. Ralph Mösges (doctor for throad/nose/ears at the university-hospital in Cologne) said to BamS: "The vocal cords react very sensitive on all irritations for weeks after an operation. Especially after removing a cyst on the vocal cords, like it was with Bill. Already smallest amounts of poison, like nicotine, can cause serious harm during the convatescence period.

25.5.08 21:03

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Tokio Hotel were the winners of the evenig - they won 4 Cometen

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