Does Bill Kaulitz looks like Michael Jackson in a little while?

Something new from Tokio-Bill: There's a new picture of Tokio-Bill from Beverly Hills where you regarde Bill as a Michael Jackson double.

There are many parallels between the "King of Pop" and Bill Kaulitz (18) from Tokio Hotel: great succes in young years, special styling, the long black hair, make-up...

Michael Jackson got his first record contract when he was 11 years old and had great succes with his brothers as "Jackson 5" worldwide. When Bill was 13 in 2003 he took part in "Star Search" and got his first record contract with his twinbrother Tom and the other band members Gustav and Georg in the same year. Since 2005 the Tokio-Hotel-illusion doesn't stop in Germany and Europe.

Jackson went countless under the knife, bleached his skin, changed his nose, paint his face, his hair is deep black and long. Also Bill uses make-up, eyeliner and his hair isn't distant but glossy.

The succes in the USA agree with Bill - for some weeks Tokio Hotel travel succesful through the USA.

17.5.08 21:14

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