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The german band performs at Parc des Princess on the 21st June!
Interview Tokio Hotel answers the rumours

Vocalist without voice, cancelled concerts, media spins....nothing has been spared!


Magazine: Bill you had been left with problems in your vocal cords. Have you found all your capabilities?
I’m very well, thank you. The operation went very well, but the most difficult was the recuperation period. I had to spend 10 days without speaking, singing or laughing. I couldn’t even listen to music to be sure not to hum something. Then I spent three weeks calm, making reabilitation, then we went to the United States for the release of our English Album and to perform some concerts. I’m in good shape. We all are.

Magazine: Besides the concert at Parcs des Princess, which other concerts do you have scheduled?
We are going to tour a good part of July through Europe. Particularly in Italy, Spain, Scandinavia and in the East countries. We wont to came back to those countries before the summer, because many concerts were cancelled for the reason you all know. It’s most likely that we return after to the United States. And meanwhile we will record a album that will be released at the end of the year.

Magazine: What can we expect from the concert at Parc des Princess?
Oh, that. It will be a surprise! Meet us on 21st June, it will be a unique event. There’s still some tickets left, but I’m sure it will be sold out at the day of the concert.

Magazine: It’s said that in Germany the new groups emerge such as Nevada Tan. To the point that Universal may left you to sign for others....
That’s completely false, every group has its own way. Nevada Tan are going very well, but not to the point of replace us. Not only Universal support us, but it is also the record company that allow us to make it outside our country. Lately we haven’t been much in Germany, because we are very concentrated in Europe and The United States. But we can’t be everywhere at the same time...

Why is the group always on top?
Before the concert at Parc des Princess, Fun TV will broadcast a documentary about the quartet’s climbing. In France the “youth” media accounts to always support the group. Tokio Hotel isn’t a fire of straw nor a commercial operation, explains Nicolas Toutain from magazine One. Unknow two years ago, they will full the park. They talk less of them because their new album was released a year ago, but they are pro, they invested in writing songs, doing interviews, photoshootings, ... The end of hysterism it’s not for tomorrow. Even the chief editor of Star Ac’ Mag Ludovic Jrme Gombauff says the same: “They are here to stay and they deserve it. They are real musicians.”
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About to Pop: Tokio Hotel

Why They're About to Pop: This hard-rocking foursome has been wowing audiences overseas since its members were in their early teens. Now, still barely legal, Bill Kaulitz (vocals), Tom Kaulitz (guitar), Gustav Schfer (drums) and Georg Listing (bass) have sold upward of 3 million CDs and DVDs in Germany, and have four No. 1 singles and two No. 1 albums under their belt. Their following has spread like wildfire across Europe, and they hope to do the same in the U.S. "It's always been a dream of ours to make it in the States," says lead singer Bill Kaulitz. "We grew up listening to American bands like Metallica, Green Day and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. We wanted to get a chance to do what they do." On their impressive third album (the first in English), Tokio Hotel will get a chance to do just that.

Three Questions with Tokio Hotel:

What inspired the songs on your record?

Bill: A lot of things: We found inspiration in situations or circumstances that happened in our lives over the past few years and also in the lives of our friends and family. We've also been moved by fans who have written us letters about their lives, and we've included some of that in our music and lyrics.

What's your favorite song on the record?

Tom: That's a tough one because it always changes and we also differentiate between "favorite song on the record" and "favorite live song". My favorite live song right now is 'Don't Jump.'

Gustav: For performing live, it's 'Raise Your Hands.'

Bill: For me, it's 'Break Away.'

Georg: Hey, same here. Right now, it's 'Break Away.'

Bill: But as Tom said, if you would ask us tomorrow we might name totally different songs -- it always changes.

What are the most-played songs on your iPod?

Tom: '99 Problems,' by Jay-Z.

Georg: 'Big Casino,' by Jimmy Eat World.

Gustav: 'Make It Whit Chu,' by Queens of the Stone Age.

Bill: 'It Means Nothing,' by Stereophonics.
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Kaulitz Twins In Band Tokio Hotel Are Making Girls Crazy

Los Angeles, CA (CNS) - Boys bands have often created hysteria among young girl fans, and the group Tokio Hotel is no exception. Now the Kaulitz twins, the 18-year-old members of the German glam pop quartet Tokio Hotel, are causing quite a commotion among the ladies.

In addition to the twins, the band is also made up of bassist Georg Listing, 20, and drummer Gustav Schafer, 19. So far the group has sold close to three million CDs and DVDs in their country, and are hoping to replicate their rabid fan base in the United States.

According to the Associated Press, the look of the Kaulitz twins is just as important as the sound of the band. Bill Kaulitz has adopted an anime look: straightened, teased black hair; heavy eye makeup that accentuates his delicate, androgynous, doll-like features; chain necklaces and vintage rock and roll T-shirts. Bill is so thin that his on-stage appearance becomes almost one dimensional, adding to the cartoon-like appeal. Bill claims that his look is not anime from Japan, but more vampire from Transylvania.

Bill said he dressed as a vampire for Halloween when he was ten-years-old, and after that adopted the style year-round.

"After that, I started to color my hair and polish my nails. I started to wear makeup and stuff. I'd never heard of (anime)," Bill told the Associated Press in an interview at the Avalon Hollywood before going to the group's sold-out show in Los Angeles.

Tom Kaulitz, the older brother by ten minutes, developed his hip-hop/dreads look when he was seven or eight, in part as a way to differentiate himself from his identical twin. "When we were six, we looked the same," Tom said. "We had sweat shirts with (the names) Bill and Tom so that teachers had a chance to know who's who."

Thousandyearswithouttime: There 's a mistake in the text: Georg is 21 years old!

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29.5.08 18:17

Stars at the Comet Awards

Bill Kaulitz must be a happy person. He's as close to himself as thousands of teens would love to be. Being close to Bill Kaulitz really only means one thing to them: Pure luck. And only one single moment is needed to prove that all the torture was worth it. And that moment was given on Friday in Oberhausen before the handing out of the Comet Music Awards.

Hundreds of Kaulitz fans waited by the barriers. For the one man that embodies Tokio Hotel. Some for hours and some for days. "We're here since Wednesday," Kathrin und Lauren call out from the wall of waiting girls. The girls from Dortmund have made it. In front of them, on the other side of the fence, lies the red carpet. Behind them five rows are pushing forward. "I have blue marks everywhere.", Kathrin tells. They're not going to use the bathroom. "I've hardly slept. Because of excitement and coldness," Kathrin continues. They spent the night in sleeping bags in front of the hall before they got sent away to the tram stop. "It has to be that way.", they're convinced. Why? "Because that's how it goes."

The dams are breaking

Instead of black limousines rolling by, less glamorous ambulances drive down the drive through first. Strong men are carrying weak bodies. At last: All the dams break when the boys of Tokio Hotel step out of their car. Screams of pain. The pushing is now getting frightening. Amongst the screams of joy are also screams of pain. Bill and Tom Kaulitz and their band mates busy themselves by giving a few autographs.
Bill's silver scarf glitters in the sun, his hair he wears straight. Something to talk about for the fans for the next few weeks. The faces of the girls looking upon there idols? Twisted in pain. Bill Kaulitz must be really happy to be Bill Kaulitz. He's simply standing on the right side of the fence.

28.5.08 22:13

Is Bill ruining his voice by smoking?

Not even 2 months have passed since his serious vocal cord-op, but Tokio Hotel singer Bill Kaulitz doesn't seem to have learned from the shock. Now he was seen with a cigarette. Is the singer ruining his voice?
The Magdeburger band won 4 prices at the Comet-award on friday and celebrated till early morning with drunking and smoking!
"Bild am Sonntag" asked Bill yesterday midday, if he would know that he might risk his music career by smoking.
Bill's answer: "The healing process of the vocal cords is totally completed. But I smoke very seldom all the same. I'm taking care of my voice all the time, but after the stress these last weeks, I just wanted to let go this special evening."
An attitude which doctors think is risky and irresponsible.
Prof. Ralph Msges (doctor for throad/nose/ears at the university-hospital in Cologne) said to BamS: "The vocal cords react very sensitive on all irritations for weeks after an operation. Especially after removing a cyst on the vocal cords, like it was with Bill. Already smallest amounts of poison, like nicotine, can cause serious harm during the convatescence period.

25.5.08 21:03

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Tokio Hotel were the winners of the evenig - they won 4 Cometen

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